About VirCrew


Empowering people to unlock opportunities.


VirCrew is a virtual workplace that enables people to offer their skills and expertise as a service on their own terms and conditions. VirCrew provides an easy and direct way to hire any expert!

Monetize your Skills

At VirCrew we believe that your skills, which you developed over many years, are your own product. VirCrew enables you to offer your skills to interested people on your terms and conditions.

Get paid for what you enjoy doing

Don’t choose between doing what you enjoy and making money. VirCrew gives you the ability to get paid for working in the domain you love. Own your destiny and create new opportunities.

Work on your own conditions

Whether you want to consult, support, mentor, coach, or teach, simply list your skills, set your availability and specify your desired rate. That's all you need to kick off your own career and be one of the VirCrew Team.

Smart Step in your career

Start your own career and work for yourself. VirCrew is the best and smartest first step that enables you to market your talent and develop you own business.

Save Time

Want to talk to an expert in a specific field? Don’t waste time on the phone trying to find a suitable time, driving and parking, etc. You can find the expertise you need and book the meeting in minutes on VirCrew, then run the meeting from the comfort of your office or home.

Save money

Why don’t you save your effort and money?! You can quickly be in direct contact with an expert, with no man-In-the-middle. VirCrew’s services saves overheads required for management, physical location and transportation.

Quality of Services

VirCrew provides rating, reviews and full details about the skill provider. The rating is based on the quality of service and is used to ensure the client is getting the best service possible. VirCrew uses a special search algorithm to help find the best match.

World expertise is a click away

You can schedule a meeting with an expert anywhere in the world. You do not need a special network to get in touch with an expert from a specific country. Through VirCrew, just find the right person anywhere you want using our smart search, and book a meeting directly.

Full Communication Suite

VirCrew provides the latest technologies to enable full communication facilities between experts and their clients. This includes providing a voice call, video call, instant messaging, screen sharing and file sharing among others.